How do You Day Happy Thanksgiving In Spanish

How do You Day Happy Thanksgiving In Spanish- In this world there are many people with different language, there are thousand of language which is use by the peoples of the world such as Hindi is spoken in India. Spanish is spoken in Spain; English is spoken in England. So there are many types of language in this world which is spoken by the people in different style. In this way, there are many countries in the world in which many of peoples are living with different styles such as ENGLAND, SPAIN, INDIA, RUSSIA, ARAB, TURKEY, AMERICA, CHINA. So There are up to two hundred countries in this world, and people are living in this world with the different styles. So I want to say that there are many people in this world and you can also say that there are six million peoples in this world with different styles, different language, different place, different colors of the faces, different culture, and different investment. In this way, they have different styles to celebrate the event of Thanksgiving day and the others event also because they have different cultures.
Thanksgiving day mostly celebrated in United state and Canada also. But the celebration of the SPAIN is so unique and so different the others, you can read many differences between the SPAIN and the other countries such as first of all the cultural difference, language difference, informant difference, tradition difference and the other differences also. First of all the difference of the language because in Spanish the event of Thanksgiving day is called Accion De Gracias.

Thanksgiving In Spanish

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